Negative Pressure MailRoom

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Our SAMARI 2005 American Safe Air Negative Pressure Mail Room meets or exceeds the CDC and GSA recommendations for employee and facility protection from contaminants in the mail. Using our System, combined with our training program and proper supervision, employees and facility managers should be able to substantially lower their risk.

Our mailroom sorting system and our specialized training program is designed to safe-guard your personnel, your physical plant, and to protect the evidence for future prosecution. Our system is cost effective and will cause the least disruption of the mailroom operations.

Actual Installation

Actual Installation - This unit appears distorted because the picture was taken with a security camera. The unit is over seventy feet long.

A reliable process to prevent biological and chemical attacks has not been found. In light of this fact, the most operationally supportive mode for any agency is one in which a threat, when present, can be discovered at the earliest possible stage and then immediately contained. ASA has designed a solution that provides for the use of the most current technologies to be applied in a controlled, contained and constantly monitored environment. This approach is unique in that it will require only minor facility modifications, eliminating the need for lengthy, expensive and difficult to modify build-out. Our solution can be implemented in the shortest possible timeframe. We can achieve this goal primarily through the use of custom-engineered Negative Pressure Mail Rooms (NPMRs), which can be rapidly and easily retrofitted to the existing facility.

In keeping with the objective of maintaining both personnel and facility safety, these completely self-contained NPMRs have been designed to contain contaminants, and to provide the maximum in protection to the operators within the NPMR. Additionally, by being freestanding structures, they reduce the impact on the greater facility in the event of an incident.

The second of the two stated objectives for the ASA solution is the ability to ensure absolute containment of any incident and to facilitate rapid clean up and decontamination as necessary. This goal is achievable because the area of potential release has been carefully designed to be isolated within the NPMR. If contamination is detected, first attention will be to the proper and rapid decontamination of any staff within that facility.

The solution to handling contaminated mail is not by containment alone but by containment paired with environmental control. American Safe Air Company, Inc., has pioneered the design of a "negative pressure mail room" (NPMR) with a downdraft airflow system (see Figure 2). The negative pressure environment provides complete indoor air circulation while the downdraft system simultaneously contains potential contaminants within the room and prevents gross contamination of the entire facility, creating a hermitically sealed environment. By way of analogy, one can visualize the room as completely contained in a zip lock bag. The actual NPMR is even more tightly secured than that.

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